Thursday, August 7, 2008

Meet Kirby! or Willie! or Buster! or Little One....

Yep, I'm the Best Husband In The World.

I bought Sara a horse for our anniversary. It was easy, really. She had been looking for a new project, and this one came along at precisely the right moment (read: I hadn't a clue what else to get her).

He's 18 months old, nice and stocky build, and nice and quiet.

We picked him up Tuesday nite. He's never been on a trailer but walked right in. He hauled quietly and stood quietly when we stopped for gas. Sara worked with him a little last nite and he's a quick learner.

Should turn out to be a nice little horse. Just gotta find him a name. He came to us named Diego, and we're not too keen on that one. Any suggestions?


CTG Ponies said...

I'm horrible with names (we still haven't agreed on a name for the paint mare and we've had her almost 2 weeks) but good luck with him! He's a cutie!

Jen said...

Catch Me Dreamin
Out of the 4 barn names you have chosen I like Willie. Good Luck!

Chris & Eva said...

For registered name, could you do "runnin' down a dream"?? otherwise i like ima dreamy catch.

as for his other name, how about Lenny.

Jen said...

OH I like Lenny!!!! Cute

Anonymous said...

George / Fred

hard to pick a name until i can meet him

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Chris and Eva - wouldn't "Tom" be more appropriate if we use Runnin Downa Dream?
Or Petty? But that could be misinterpreted as a NACAR reference....
How about "Earl", TP's middle name?

Anonymous said...

I like all the names!! He kinda looks like a Kirby


Anonymous said...

Aww thats sooo cute!! I like "Catch Me Dreamin' for his registered name.. Joe...Dash...Jag...Dazzle.. but from the ones you picked i like Willie. Good luck!!

Katie Rose

Anonymous said...

I would fall in love with Kirby!!!♥♥♥♥