Monday, May 11, 2009

Sleepy Boy

Kirby is sure growing and turning into a handsome fella. His shoulders are still playing catch up with his hip, and we're hoping he finishes up at 15.2 or better. He will definitely have a stocky build. He just turned two and his personality is really starting to expose itself.

Just waking from a nap:


CTG Ponies said...

I love that first pic! He looks like he needs to shake himself awake.

Unknown said...

I always love a paint with a blue eye.
He must be a joy to keep clean. LOL!

Anonymous said...

The one blue and one brown eye are charming! He's a cutie!

Pony Girl said...

Beautiful horse. A few years ago, when we were horse shopping for my mom, we looking at a 4 yr. old gelding that looked almost exactly like Kirby!