Monday, June 28, 2010

This Little Piggy Had None

Let this be a lesson to my readers (and I appreciate the both of you): do Not be around horses without proper footwear.

The fourth toe from the left on my foot on the right is missing it's toenail. The one in between Roast Beef and WeeWeeWee. I, like a carefree dummass, went to feed the horses wearing my Crocs. Mater, recently shod with shiny aluminum shoes, decided that the hay that was closest to me looked the yummiest.

He stepped.
I hollered.
Blood squirted.
I hobbled.

I'll spare you the graphic pictures.

It turned black and gross. Aside from the initial crushing, there was very little pain. But it still looks gross.

Years ago Hank stepped on my left foot and I think he broke my big toe. That hurt lots worse than this. Once the swelling went down and the color returned to normal, that toe was never the same. Over time it became more and more stiff and painful, not wanting to bend much when I walked. Then one day Jin stepped on that same toe. Hard. It made a bad noise. I said bad words. After the required hopping around and swearing, I realized that the mobility had returned to that toe. Apparently something was stuck, and Jin unstuck my stuck toe. And it's been much better since. Both of those times I was wearing boots, and I'd hate to think how much worse it could have been.


CTG Ponies said...

Ouch! It hurts being stepped on in regular shoes. Jin made it all better! I almost always wear closed shoes to the barn except it's been so hot here that I've taken to wearing flip flops when I'm not at work. I am so paranoid about being around the horses.

in2paints said...

I'm never around my horses without boots... as you've pointed out, though, even boots can't help when a thousand pound animal steps on your feet. I shudder at the thought of what could happen when wearing anything but boots.

It's funny that Jin fixed your busted up toe! Something like putting a dislocated joint back in place, probably! LOL

Hope your toe has a shiny new toenail soon!

Jeffro said...

I'm supposed to wear protective toe footwear on the job - and I learned the hard way. Steel toes boots all day long kinda wear on ya when all I'm doing is driving, so I'd wear sneakers and change on the job site.

Of course there was that day that I didn't, and while I was unchaining some stuff the chain dropped like falling water all over my toes. I won't do that again!

Gail said...

I can't wear flip flops with the horses??

Unknown said...

Yikes! Thanks for sparing us the photos. Yes, Crocs are not exactly alligator skin. Hope the toenail bed survives.

You know what's even better that cowgirl boots? This huge ortho boot I have to wear. LOL. There's so much padding in there I don't think I'd feel it if he did the meringue on my foot. I keep banging the boot into everything (b/c it's HUGE), but it doesn't hurt so I keep banging away.

Java's Mom said...

ouch, funny, but a good reminder. and I learned something new today, the polite way to spell dummass.

Unknown said...

Hey, you've got more than (2) readers! Nice commentary.. I read it to my daughters, who are out there all the time slogging through the doody in their bare feet... They'll learn, if they ever get stepped on....