Monday, December 12, 2011

At Liberty

Sara brought in Chunky, the horse previously known as Mater, for some hands-on time. He's had the last eight weeks off after a very successful show season. Eight weeks of lounging by the pool (water tank) and feasting on five course meals (first and second crop hay, grain, oats, and flax). No schedules to keep, no cell phones to answer. Just much deserved time off.

So what did they do? Showmanship practice. Sans halter and lead.


Pearl said...



in2paints said...

I love doing showmanship halterless with Lilly too... it's amazing how closely they pay attention to body movements and I'm always amazed. I think there should be a halterless showmanship class! :)

Terry said...

Very impressive! That is one well trained, nice horse.

Paintings of Horses said...

A very good horse. I know it takes more time to train that horse but the outcome is so impressive. Horses are one of the teachable animals.