Monday, March 15, 2010

Wild Man Wyatt

As I mentioned, Wyatt is here for a refresher. Mainly on manners. His owner has just about had enough of his unruliness, his pushiness, and his crabby ways. He bites at her when she's grooming, he's constantly swishing his tail and dancing around, and he's just owly all the time. So we said to bring him over for a few weeks and we'll see if we can figure out his problems.


He's been a perfect gentleman since he stepped off the trailer.

It's just the same as when your car makes a funny noise all the time except when you take it to the mechanic. Hard to fix what seems fine.

But he's a blast to have around. He loves to play with Kirby, and Kirby was in much need of some play time. These are from their first meeting.

The Hello:
The obligatory Telling of the Dirty Jokes:

And a little bit of Acting Like Clowns:
But soon enough it was Back To Work:
Followed by some Cool Down:
I wish he'd show us some of that famous ugliness, but until then, we'll just enjoy having him here.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

He's certainly pretty!

CTG Ponies said...

He looks great! Maybe he just needs a companion to act like an idiot with.

finski said...

Maybe it's not him? Or he was lonely?

Danni said...

Oh, he's very handsome. I love seeing the two of them interacting for the first time. And seeing those big boys play together...awesome!
It will be interesting to see whether some of that "wild man" comes out!