Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hank's Rainy Sky

"Rain's coming."

I noticed.

"Thunder, too."

Yep.  We should head in.

"But the breeze chased the bugs away."

"I'm gonna stay out here with my ball."

Well, I'm gonna go find the others before we all get drenched.  Ah, here they are.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Holy Crap!

It's been like two months that I haven't posted. What a slack-ass.

Brutal honesty here: I'm Boring.

I read all the blogs listed to the right, and I read blogs linked from those blogs, and I get amused and inspired and I laugh and I envy many photos, and when it comes times for me to write, I feel like my lil' piece of existence is perty boring. So I don't write.

But then I think that my readers (and I thank you, the both of you) maybe, just maybe like to read about the life and times of a small hobby farm and my fear of snakes. And the updates on our horses. And Luci & Austin. And The Cats.

So I'll try to post more. Pitiful, this whining....

So where were we? I can't even remember. But what I do know is that The First APHA Show Of The Season is Almost Here. Sara is exhibiting elevated energy levels that I see every year at this time and have grown accustomed to. Or have learned to avoid. Either way, it's that time of the year again.

Mater is being leased to and shown by Lil' Lisa, a teenager with the horse bug. LL has limited showing experience at a few open shows. She took Mater to two Fuzzy Wuzzy winter shows and cleaned house. However, these breed shows are several steps up from the local winter shows. I hope she's ready for the competition. And if not, I hope she's ready for the results that may come.

Sara will be showing Big Red Ted. Teddy's been here since October and really has turned out to be a fantastic horse. Not like the others aren't fantastic, but this Teddy has a coolness about him that I can't describe. And he's grown. He's a solid 15.3 now and may get a little taller. He's gonna be Sara's hunt seat horse, and he's got all the right moves for it. Here's a vid from one of the winter shows. This was his first time shown English, and you can see how he moves (and how he handles chaos).

He should do well at the Paint shows.

Tucker the Terrible Two Year Old is just what you'd expect from a two year old. Sometimes mouthy, spooky, pushy, other times a perfect specimen of a young horse. Sara has been doing a lot of ground work with him, getting him used to hula hoops, tarps, and attack cats. He's a fantastic mover and a horrible clutz all at the same time. Typical two year old.

Aside from that, we're just truckin along. The grass is green, Wisconsin's state flower is blooming, and we've removed the tank heaters from the stock tanks. It must be that short lull between the freezin' seasons. Let's all enjoy it!