Sunday, July 26, 2009

Garden Update

Things are growing like crazy. We've had about 3 weeks without any rain, but I've been watering the veggies daily. The peas are just about done, green beans will need to be picked soon, and I picked some table onions and some beets last nite.

The flower gardens have done well considering I don't water them. This Jackmanii Clematis has really taken off this year.

Even the lilies baking against the the barn wall have done well.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cleared For Takeoff

Miss Honky Tonk was just a bit miffed at the bugs last nite. But she's still adorable.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nap Time....

Yep, that's darling wife catching a snappy nap on good ol' Hank. He tolerates just about everything.

Until he's bored with it:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Honky and the Farrier

Our farrier was scheduled to visit yesterday, and Honky is getting much better about standing for him.

She's still unsure and untrusting of many things, but she's come a long way.

She puts up more of a fuss with her fronts, but there weren't any major problems yesterday. I think one of the most difficult parts is having to work that far bent over. She is a tad bit shorter than the horses.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hay Time

Monday morning the Hay Guy (my neighbor) came pulling up the driveway with this beautiful oldie.
This was his father's 560. He got it completely restored last year. I felt very lucky to have it used at our place to run the elevator to load our hay.

After getting the elevator hooked up, I just waited for the hay to arrive. And arrive it did.

They use basket style hay wagons. Crazy big baskets that load themselves and unload with a pull of a lever. This keeps the wagons in the field behind the baler where they are hard at work collecting more bales.

All in all 500 bales of first crop were delivered, sent up the elevator, and stacked all neatly in the new barn.

First crop was late this year. June's weather was not the best for haying, so we waited. We had about ten days of sun, wind, and low humidity. Couldn't ask for better weather to dry fresh hay. If the rains come that they are forecasting, second crop should be just around the corner. I hope we have good weather for that harvest, too.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Whew, What a Weekend

Where do I begin?

Due to the holiday falling on Saturday, we both got Friday off of work. We used the time to get all of our yard work and chores done so we could enjoy some of the long weekend.

Saturday morning we were up bright and ealry to meet Barb & Joe & Kailynn for an early breakfast before our trail ride in Mountain. Barb is who we sold Copper to about a month ago. He's fallen head over hoof for her. I'm so glad they've fit well together. Anyway, the ride could not have been better. Very few bugs, not too hot, and we did not meet one single other horse on the trails.

Then Joe took us up to the top of Lookout Rock. There were some steep trails on the way up.

And we all enjoyed a nice view and some good laughs when we made it to the top.

After the ride we found a local Fireman's picnic, stopped for a burger and enjoyed a nice blues band. It was a long day, but one of the more memorable 4th's I've had.

Sunday was more yardwork and chores, then we took a break in the afternoon to take a ride out to the bayshore. We're only ten miles from Green Bay - not the city, but the water. It's fun to drive out to the end of the breakwater and watch the boats go by.

This, of course, is done after stopping at the Dockside for one of their famous Bloody Mary's. Mmm-Mmmm.

Unfortunately, I could only enjoy one.

Out on the breakwater Sara felt the urge to strike a pose.

From there we headed north up the bayshore to Menominee, Michigan. They have a beautiful old downtown and a really nice marina.

Sara couldn't resist the urge to go in the water, but it was just too cold.

After our stroll around the marina, we stopped at a neat place across the street and had a bite to eat.

It was a great way to end a wonderful weekend.