Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Nasty cold today. Windchill is -45* . White out conditions.

Climb out of bed, get bundled up, go make sure the horses are upright. Huge drift at the gate. Wrestle with it to get it open. Get the atv stuck in aforementioned drift. Curse. Push, pull, heave until it's free. Try to hook up the plow to clear the drifts from the driveway, only to find that the plow bracket on the atv is iced over. Curse. Get screwdriver, chip ice off. Start pushing snow, get several facefulls as the wind whips it all back in my face. Curse at my iced over glasses. Head to work on desolate, iced roads. Arrive to find there is no heat or power at work. Curse. Amazingly, we have power to our computers, so they want us to stay.

Curse, curse, curse, curse curse.

Should have stayed in bed.

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