Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bad Ass Feet

I forgot to mention that the farrier came out last Friday to work on Honky Tonk's feet. Her fronts were in real sad shape. She was way over on her front right, and she favored it when standing. Jodi was able to take about a 1/4" of heel off of that foot and set her down and a more realistic angle. You could see that Honky appreciated the change almost immediately. Her left front was trimmed so short that Jodi couldn't do much with it except shape the toe a little. That foot is really flared out to the side. We'll have to let the fronts grow out and work on re-shaping them over the course of a few months. Her rear hooves were in better shape, and Jodi touched them up a bit. I told her that when we tried to pick up the back feet, Honky would just kick out, but Jodi wanted to give it a try and see if she could get Honky to give her foot. She took her time and Honky dealt with it well. I gotta say that our farrier is a brave little thing. She kept saying that Honky Girl is so much better than other donkeys that she trims. When a donkey kicks, they don't give a warning like a horse does. There may be the slightest flick of a tail, then WHOOSH, your hat goes flying. Jodi says that you can't even feel their muscles tense up like a horses. They just shoot a leg out and you hear the wind it created. If you ain't hurtin', it missed.

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