Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What Goes Bump in the Night?

Ok, last week I had a creepy dream that I was walking in the kitchen in the middle of the night and I saw someone walking in the yard. All I could think was that it was a burglar headed for the shed. It freaked me out so much I woke up and went to go look out the window, only to find it was 5:30 and time to feed the horses.

Kinda forgot about it.

Then last nite I woke up at 3:19 and heard a car coming down the road, slowing like it was gonna pull into the driveway. I layed there looking out the window, watching the headlights on the grass along the road, waiting for them to sweep across the lawn. Right about then I remembered that spooky dream. The car slowed to a stop right in front of the house, and I bounced outta bed to get a better look. The car pulled off right away, and there wasn't much to see. It didn't stop long enough for anyone to get in or out of the car, and it wasn't the mailman. More heebie jeebies. So I shook it off, called myself nuts, and layed back down. But I couldn't stop thinking about that dream from the other night, and I just layed there listening for any noises out of the ordinary. I thought about where the baseball bat was, where the gun was, where the spotlight was...

A few minutes went by, and a car came up the road from the other way. Sure sounded like the same car. It droves past the house and slammed on the brakes, tires squealing. Luci growled at the window. Well, I got up in a flash and headed to the kitchen window. I didn't see a thing, not even tail lights. So I thought either killed the lights or went in the ditch. I grabbed the spotlight and headed outside, shining it at the tack room, up and down the road, at the gates.... Everything looked normal. No car in sight.
I layed back down, followed by Luci. All the windows were open, so I was sure that between the two of us we'd hear a prowler if there was one. Finally got up to feed at five. Saw nothing out of the ordinary.
Normally a car slamming on the brakes would make me think it was avoiding a deer, or worse, a horse. But that creepy dream kept gnawing at me.


Anonymous said...

And people wonder what's in my drinking water!! Although, maybe they were looking for the prior owners, maybe they just got back into town?@? By the way, where was Sara while all this is going on? Are we looking at a practical joke?
If it was, it was a pretty good one..

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Where was Sara? At 3:19 in the morning, I'm guessing she was sleeping.
Trust me, not a good practical joke, unless the joker has their bullet proof undies on. Freddie bites, ya know.

Anonymous said...

now, how am i going to sleep in a tent after reading that!!! do u drink the same water as post #1???