Monday, September 22, 2008

The Little Things

A good thing happened to me today, and it made me think about all the little things in life that make me smirk. I'm not talking about puppy dogs and butterflies, but I'm talking about those things that are unexpected and funny. Maybe even those things that make you say "yes!" and do that nifty gesture that pro bowlers do after getting a strike - you know the move.

Here's my short list. Feel free to share your own:

Extra change from the soda machine.
- What joy an extra 10 cents will bring!!!

The aggressive minivan driver getting cut off by the old lady in the Lincoln.
- Minivans, especially the ones with soccer ball decals on them, are inherently evil and a danger to the common man.

Everytime a coworker trips up the stairs by my office. Double the fun when accompanied with a spilled coffee.
- It's stairs, people! It's simple: Foot up, foot forward. Other side. Repeat.

Dogs pooping in the font yard.
- Don't know why, but I'm greatly amused when I drive past someone's house while Fido is laying a steamer on the lawn.

Expiration stickers on licence plates placed in a random collage.
- These people are glue-eaters. The sticker even comes with instructions for speshull people like them.


Chris & Eva said...

Here's one. Finding a cute dress that fits and flatters all your curves, originally priced $70 marked down to $14.99....then you take it to the register and it rings up as $1.97!

finski said...

Hello back at ya Hank! Love your Blog. I thought you had one but couldn't find a reference to it on our forum.