Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chicken Little

Our horses are used to the tarp. We use tarps all the time for desensitizing the youngins. They paw at them, bite them, run with them, ignore them. They are bored with the tarps.

They are used to the bridge. I built a nice little wooden bridge to walk the horses over. Ninety percent of the time it stands leaning in the corner of the arena. The bridge is boring them too.

But put the tarp over the bridge and Jin thinks it is the green swamp monster slithering out of the ground to get him!

Jin sez:
I was getting some free time in the arena when I first saw It.

What is It?

Something isn't right with It.

It? That thing down there on the other end.

I just won't go down there.

But I can't stop looking at It....sideways.

What if It crawls down here to get me?!

Oh geez.

I better go check It out.

Umm, maybe not.

Can't get too close though.

I think I saw It move! RUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!

Whew. I'm ok.

Just don't look at It anymore. Ok.

It's still there, I know It is.

I'll try sneaking up on It.

It's not moving anymore.

Oh geez, here we go....

My nose can get close, but my feet are stuck.


It didn't bite me yet, maybe It's sleeping.

I'll touch It. No, I'll stomp on It.



Deep breaths, deep breaths.....

I think I'm ok....I must have killed It.

I'm safe now.

The humans are laughing.

I wonder if they are laughing at me?

Naw, can't be. I'm strong. I'm brave.

Didn't they just see me kill that thing?!

What's so funny?


Aunt Krissy said...

That's funny, So now that Jin has killed it is not so scary now?

cowgirljlynn said...

Just found your blog! I'll be back.