Tuesday, June 2, 2009

King of the Barn

Meet Jones.

Mr. Switchblade Jones.

His kingdom is the barn and he rules over everything that happens in the barn with a well armed paw.

He is by far the most vocal cat I have ever owned.
When he is not yelling at you for some unknown reason, he does this.

He's got it good and he knows it.
We have to give a big thanks to Heather for letting us adopt this big lug.


Anonymous said...

That is a nice looking cat. I will also be getting some cats soon. I know I have a mouse problem and it will get worse when I have food for the goats and chickens.

Aunt Krissy (I'm at work)

The Wife said...

Ah, Mr. Jones, you seem to have the same mentality as Miss Kitty. I think she would like you!

Jeffro said...

He looks just like Rooster, the cat who has me as his personal servant. Rooster likes to vocalize his feelings as well. This can be somewhat irritating at 2am!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Beautiful cats....and lovely photos :)