Sunday, July 12, 2009

Honky and the Farrier

Our farrier was scheduled to visit yesterday, and Honky is getting much better about standing for him.

She's still unsure and untrusting of many things, but she's come a long way.

She puts up more of a fuss with her fronts, but there weren't any major problems yesterday. I think one of the most difficult parts is having to work that far bent over. She is a tad bit shorter than the horses.


CTG Ponies said...

She's such a cutie! When I used to trim the minis, I had to sit on a very short bucket since they were so low to the ground. It presents its challenges.

The Wife said...

Honky is a cutie patootie! Looks like she did very well.

Mrs. Brogley said...

Is that Joel? I just picked him up as my farrier. :)

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Yes, Mrs. Brogley. He's about the best we've had in some time. Great work, prompt, and a nice fella too. You ask questions and he'll answer them. A Good Guy. I heard he wasn't taking on new clients - you are lucky to have him.

Nice to hear from you! Trail ride this weekend by us - wanna come? Send me an email.

Keep those 9-house kids in check, ok?

Myappyabby said...

I forget these posts come up as my "teacher" identity. Ha! No Myappyabby for me. I haven't been on a trail for 2 summers now. I have ground work and pasture riding ahead of me this summer. I don't hear/see much out of those neighbors of mine. Too busy chasing horses and boys.

I wasn't sure Joel was going to take us on, but I think he felt sorry for me! :) Abby foundered and I was a wreck. Plus, he's 10 minutes away. I liked my other farrier too.

Myappyabby said...

Now I'm back as "Myappyabby..." LOL. I must have two Google accounts.