Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Here

Winter, that is. In it's full glory. 19 chilly degrees this morning. An icy dusting of snow. Steady breeze from the northwest. Canadian air. Brrrr.

Austin is not enjoying this weather.

And Austin is not enjoying having a camera in his face.

I eetz cammra!


zach_rabow said...

Winter is definitely here! feeding in 13 degree weather is already old :)

Anonymous said...

he needs a Knitted sweater from his grandma in Antigo

CTG Ponies said...

You need to get that boy a coat!

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Oh cripes hey, he's got a coat. But they need to be modified for his piss pistol. Lil' bugger makes a mess of his sweaters. Apparently the store-bought coats are for squaters and not pointers.