Wednesday, May 12, 2010

APHA Show #2, or Lucky Numbers 3 & 6

Sara & Mater hauled to the Minnesota Equestrian Center in Winona, MN for their second show of the season. This was a double judged, one day show.

Showmanship: Mater was a lot less nervous at this one, and he did much better in showmanship than at his first show. He did a nice pattern and even earned compliments from Sara's trainer.
Results: 3rd & 6th out of 15.

They entered in Amatuer Sms for practice. Mater had a nice pattern again, but was bored and mouthy and wouldn't keep his head still during inspection.

HUS: That lil' Mater kept up with the big hunters just fine, and he was as consistent as he could be. The only problem was his canter to trot transition, which one judge saw.
Results: 3rd & 6th out of 9.

English Eq: The pattern called for a canter to trot transition, so they practiced that for a few minutes in the warm up ring. He still didn't have it down by the time it was their turn to show, but he nailed the pattern!
Results: 1st & 1st out of 4.

WP: He was pokey. He gets lazy and falls out of form when he's pokey. Her trainer told her to bump him up a bit, but that was after they went around once and the judges saw his laziness. But he finished strong after she got him moving right.
Results: 3rd & 6th out of 9.

Horsemanship: Big fun pattern that started out with a slow lope in a small circle, followed by a fast lope in a big circle, with a full array of lope to jog transitions, turns, stops, and extended jogs all thrown in the mix. They had fun with it and really let him fly in the big circle. He did a great fast lope to slow jog transition around a cone. His only bobble was when he picked his head up too high at a stop in the pattern.
Results: 1st & 2nd out of 6.

So, add ten more points to his record, bringing the tally up to 25 points so far.

This weekend is in Jefferson, WI, for a two day, four judge show - two judges each day. Rumor has it there are over 100 stalls reserved. Wish them luck!


Gail said...

Moving on up!

CTG Ponies said...

Woohoo! He's turning into quite the star! Kudos to Sara for her hard work.