Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pasture Mowing

Now that we've got our pasture rotation figured out, it seems that we have more pasture than our horses can keep up with. So the front pasture got a little "leggy" on us.
Had to get the Lil' Ford out and put the rear mower to use.

It's in the weeds there somewhere.

After an hour or so of going up and down the hill, it looks much better. In a week it should be all green and lush again.


Aunt Krissy said...

Hey, I like all the blue on you new header pic.

Do you think that the flies are bad this year? This is my third summer here and think they are bad. My legs are getting bit by flies.

Kellie said...

The flies are terrible at our place this year! Gnats too. Buying fly spray by the truck load.

gtyyup said...

Look at all those pretty ribbons! They make a great header photo.

It sure is green out there too. The west side of Oregon has all of the moisture and it's more like where you are...but without too much humidity.

Rebecca White said...

You haven't posted in a month. I sure hope that means Sara is busy winning trailer loads of blue ribbons and you are busy snake proofing the barn.

I have a question: how many stalls are in your barn and how big is your tack room? I was trying to work it out based on the dimensions you gave in the post about the barn being finished but I couldn't make sense of it.