Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy 1st Day of Fall!

Getcher mudboots and umberellers out!

I put on my boots and floppy rain hat to go feed this morning in the light rain. Checked the rain gauge quick to see that we got about 1-1/2" overnite. After dragging the hay wagon thru the mud out to the drylot, I found no one was around.

No one was at the feeder.

No one was under the shelter.

No one came trotting up when I whistled.

As I dragged the little wagon thru the mud and rain, I could barely make out an outline of this big "thing" in the middle of the next pasture. In fact, it went all the way across the pasture, neatly dividing it in two. Cedar View River was flowing, and the horses were stranded on the far bank. There they were, all long-faced and wet. A ten foot wide meandering stream was keeping them from the yummy hay in the wagon. The water had to be a scary six inches deep in places.

Hank let out his pathetic hey-hey-hey that he likes to do during feeding time. I laughed. I knew it meant "Bring that wagon over here. You have boots!".

"But you have four-wheel drive", I thought.

As I spread the hay into their four piles up on my side of the wild river, Mater was the first to dare the depths. Schlop Schlop Schlop. He made it! Then came Hank, Honky, and Oliver. Oliver always comes last after he assesses which pile isn't claimed. I checked to see if the mud sucked off Mater's shoes, and they were still there. Honky was crabby. Again. The rain just ruins her hair, and she wants to look her best for Hank.

Just another day in paradise. Schlop Schlop Schlop


Jeffro said...

What is this "rain" that you speak of? Heh.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Sorry man, but we've got the tropics here this year. Neighbor's corn is over 12' tall, which is unheard of for these parts. Hay was hard to get cuz the rain never let up.

Aunt Krissy said...

If I wanted this much rain I would have, could have, stayed in AK! I'm glad, right now, that I have sandy soil.

Anonymous said...

I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You ~Ron

finski said...

Please send some our way!! Dry as a bone here since I have come back from deployment. I've been looking forward to a nice rainy day sfter spending 3 months in he desert!!