Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Then and Now

Oliver is filling out nicely. He's starting to muscle up and show definition in all the right places.

Then (August 16th)
Now (October 4th):
Then (August 16th):
Now (October 4th):

He cleans up perty good, doesn't he?


paint_horse_milo said...

He looks fabulous! Good job with him!!

Aunt Krissy said...

I don't know much about horses but the after pictures look really good.

I liked the barn tour. You have a great barn.

Rebecca White said...

His face looks kissable.

BTW, I saw Mater's name in the Paint Horse Journal. :)

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

OH really! I'll hafta go look!

Mare said...

He looks awesome! You've done such a great job!!!!

in2paints said...

Wow, what a huge difference! He's looking really good! :)

Rebecca White said...

In the October issue you're on page 71 of the Performance Award Standings Novice Amateur Honor Roll. I don't really know what that all means, but you're on there with points!

Java's Mom said...

Nice job! He cleans up fabulously! Can I send Java over for a makeover... to bad it would take a loooong time for her to get there.

Anonymous said...

He looks great! :D