Friday, November 25, 2011

Big Red Ted

They called him Ami.


That wouldn't do. Ted. Teddy. Big Red Ted. Teddums. Teddy Bear. Much better.
Invitation To Invest is his name when formalities require it.

This is Sara's latest project, a 3 yr old Paint that's got as much personality as cute. Nice solid boy who's gonna turn out to be a good size. He doesn't know much yet, but he's catching on real quick. He's no dummy, and don't let that goofy face tell ya otherwise. He's got real nice ground manners, minds your space, and stands tied nice and quiet. He had 30 days training last spring, then sat all summer being a pasture puff.

We found him in that far away land known as Minnesota. Southern Minnesota, if I must be specific.

Land of 10,000 lakes and a lot of corn. A Lot of corn. I think all the lakes moved north.
Corn Field Open for a Minnesota Harvest

The trip was uneventful, aside from the construction and the 40 mph winds. Ever pull a big trailer through 11' wide lanes in a cross wind? Keeps ya on yer toes, it does. Those big concrete barriers look so much bigger when you're dragging a trailer.

Anyway, once you leave the scenic tree-covered hills and valleys of Wisconsin and cross the mighty Mississippi, a strange thing occurs: trees vanish.

I think the corn ate them.

Enough of my fear of wide open spaces.

Teddy's riding is coming along nicely. He's not going to have a trot like Mater or Oliver, but while his fronts may not be the sweepiest, his hind end lopes real nice and deep. Wunna those "oooh, looky that" lopes. He'll move much better once he builds up some toning and just figures it out. Here's a video from his first day home. I think you'll see why we bought him. Speshully at 5:27.

Did I mention he's quiet?

And here he is after three weeks.

He's far from being finished, but maybe you can see the improvement. Enough improvement that Sara decided it was time for his first show. That was yesterday. And here is where I'll leave you hanging.....


in2paints said...

Ami? Good call changing his name to something more appropriate. :) I can't wait to hear how he did at his first show!

Terry said...

Goofy face? I love a bald face!

Janice said...

I would say Big Red Ted is a good Investment. I really like his disposition what a sweetheart. I get what you mean about his lope....classic rocking chair.....but his trot looks good to me....that is something I could sit all day. I hope he and Sara have a great show...and I look forward to hearing about the results.

Anonymous said...

Aww little Teddy Bear <3
<3 Him