Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Sprang From The Bed To See What Was The Matter.

To say I'm a light sleeper is an understatement. I sleep well, but I'm definitely "in tune to my surroundings". Which leads me to this: at about 2:50 in the morning I am woken awoken awakened wokedup by a humming. Not the normal sump pump or water pump or refrigerator humming. Different noise. I can't just ignore it, and it is a Saturday, so I may as well get up and get some stuff done.

So it's 61 degrees in here. I figure it's the thermocouple acting up again, but I just serviced that last week and things have been running fine. I reset the thermostat and listen. I hear the boiler go thru its normal clicks and clacks, but it never fires and goes into standby. I go down to check the boiler and find the source of the hum. It's the relay and/or the circulating pump. The transformer is hot to the touch. And there's no water pressure on the gauge. So I kill the power to it, the humming stops, and the transformer cools. I've either got a shitty pump or a bad control module. Either one is not cheap. Not to mention a Saturday service call. And it's 18 outside. And it's not getting any warmer in here.

But on a good note, Sara got the tree decorated! Ho Ho Ho!

And that picture I stole from the web - the mom's freaky lazy eye sure makes her look nutso. Gives me the creeps. Look at it again. I know you will.


in2paints said...

LMAO!! Those cartoon people always gave me the creeps... their eyes are weird, but I never noticed the lazy eye!!

Sorry to hear about your heat... never a fun thing to deal with, but especially not when it's 18 degrees outside.

Terry said...

Looks like the kids inherited those eyes. Poor kids.

Janice said...

Hope you get all fixed up and warm. I did go back and look at that are right....except not just the Mom creeps me out ....the family is a bit scary.