Saturday, October 2, 2010


Maverick is our latest addition to the farm. Strange things happen around here, and he's one of them. Sunday morning of Labor Day weekend I went out to do chores as usual. I saw something scurry underneath my car. I looked around, under and inside the car, but didn't see anything. As I came back to the house after chores, I heard a faint meow coming from my car. I ran and got Sara, and we looked all around, under, and inside the car. Nothing. So I popped the hood, and here was this little kitten sitting on my battery.

He was as tame as could be. We took him in the barn, got him some food and water, and he moved right in like he owned the place.

Cowboy was not amused.


Gail said...

Cowboy did not look amused at all.

Cute kittie.

Jeffro said...

Cowboy and Rooster - the cat that rules here - look a LOT alike. I've had that look shot my way, too.

Good thing they don't have lasers in their eyeballs or we'd all be cut in two.

WV: sebiligo - what I was glad to see my former governor Kathleen Sebelius do when she resigned to become the HHS Secretary.

in2paints said...

Both of your kitties are beautiful. :)

Hopefully Cowboy will grow as fond of Maverick as you have!

Anonymous said...

I got to this post after seeing him 'growed-up', and I couldn't not comment. LOVE the first picture!